Client connector opens with white screen

Hi all,

We recently rolled out zScaler in our environment, we had one or two issues but one remains which I am unable to resolve

Essentially after installation (and this has been done via SCCM and thereafter manually using both an MSI and EXE without any installation switches) the client connector application ( but also tried just opens and displays a blank, white screen. It does not ask for credentials and does not get any further.

Anyone seen this before and have any ideas?


Hi Peter, the client connector uses Windows WBC (web browser control) to load the screen within the client itself. Are you possibly blocking IE on that endpoint?

Hi Keith, thanks for the quick response.
Just double checked and IE is enabled on that system. We don’t use any policies or block anything within/toward IE either.

Is the endpoint able to reach the iDP?

Yep, iDP is Microsoft365

Hi Peter, those were the 2 ideas I had handy but please open a support case so that they can fully diagnose and solve the issue.

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Is this issue resolved?
Like Blackstone said, ZCC login depends on IE.
Could you try below steps in IE.

  1. Clear IE cache via IE options.
  2. Reset IE settings to default.
  3. Try to open your IDP page from IE.
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Hi wdmine,
Still unresolved. We have made a support case and awaiting and answer.
We reset the IE browser completely back to defaults and cleared any cache but the issue remains. The IDP is available via the browser (IE).
One interesting development is that it seems to function normally when logging into a different windows profile. We want to avoid recreating his profile for certain reasons so at the moment wont consider that the solution.
Will keep you updated on the solution

Unfortunately zScaler support were not able to resolve the issue and claim the issue is with the Windows installation/Device.
The solution they offered was to reset/reimage Window but as this is difficult for a road warrior to complete, for now the user will continue to use a different proxy solution which does work.

If i find something in the meantime I will update you.

I had the same issue and noticed that the Client loaded correclty when logged on with a local user account. So I rebuilt the effeced Windows User profile and the issue was resolved.

I have not looked into the issue further to narrow down.

Hope this helps.

Try deleting C:\ProgramData\Zscaler

I had 2 computers with the same problem and just resolved it.

When looking at event log I was seeing a lot of .net errors. One of them indicated a problem loading C:\Windows\Microsoft(DOT)NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Config\machine.config | (DOT)net is .net but zscaler says i’m new and can only post 2 links per post)

When I went to look at that file, it was 0kb

I copied the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Config\machine.configversion to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Config\machine.config rebooted and everything was back to normal again.

I don’t know why machine.config was 0kb, but we have seen a lot of issues with that file getting modified incorrectly causing problems from software installs and windows updates. Either way, restoring that 0kb file should do the trick!

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A month or so after my last update we got an opportunity to just delete and recreate the user profile for this person which solved the issue. It just wasn’t the quickest of solutions as it takes time to rebuild a profile for someone who is essentially never on an office network.
I assumed it had something to do with .NET but that’s a good find @ryan.miller . If i get the issue again ill be sure to try it and update here.

Facing similar issue, is there any solutions found ?
checked the machine.config in dotnet folder and the file is not 0kb