Client connector supported OSs? 2008R2?

Hi, I’ve searched Zscalers site and google for quite a bit today trying to find what I would think would be a simple datasheet somewhere. I’m trying to find the list of supported Windows OSes that can run Zscaler Client Connector.

More specifically I have a branch office that is still running a 2008 R2 Server that is not able to authenticate. Other 2016 Servers at his location can connect, but not the 2008 R2 which is leading me to think that it is not supported. I know its EOL with Microsoft and we are trying to move off of it. Can anyone point me to this info or let me know if it is already known that 2008 R2 wont work?

The error he is getting is: "Login Failed. [res://ieframe.dll/navcancl.htm]

Hi @bdashill, we’ve not officially release support for Windows Server OS, it’s been known to function fine, but we’re focussed on the ens-user OS and have Win7 onward in the current supported list.

You can find this documented here → Step-by-Step Configuration Guide for Zscaler Client Connector | Zscaler

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