Cluster App Access over ZPA

Dear Community;

I have the following scenario: “” application is reached out by the user and there 3 different hosts with different IP addresses behind this cluster app. When user access this cluster app with ZPA the traffic only goes through 1 IP address and load balancing does not work.
But when user try with classic VPN solution, the traffic load balaced between 3 host of the Cluster.
Why do you think this happen?
Is there a setting we can use to prevent this?


@ozanogur , ZPA just delivers your traffic to the app connector. If a user is trying to access, it gets delivered to your app connector, app connector will be responsible for DNS resolution. Is your app connector resolving this URL to the LB VIP or just one host behind the cluster?

All your traffic is coming from a single IP address. i.e. the app connector.
You need to use a different load-balance method.

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