Combination of Kerberos and SAML from a location

Hi all, trying to configure a new site to use a combination of Kerberos or SAML authentication. I want to Enforce Authentication for the location (no problem with this) and also allow Kerberos Authentication (but not enforce it) for a specific group of users. In isolation I have successfully tested both Kerberos and SAML authentication from the location.

Enable Kerberos Authentication on the Location:
“Skip this task, if you want to use Kerberos for specific users and another authentication mechanism for all other users in the location.”

The Zscaler documentation states that we can use a combination of authentication methods from a location which is pretty much what I want to do, they just don’t explain the how. Has anyone else achieved this before?

Hi Paul, you can skip that particular kerberos setting on the location configuration.

I have done this for a customer in India.

For users those who needs Kerberos auth configure their proxy setting with port 8800 and allow only this port access for them if you dont want them to get authenticated with other mechanisms.

For users who needs to SAML auth, they should be pointed to port 9443/80/443.