šŸ“˜ Community Forum Change log

ā€“ Added ā€“

Get Started Category
Member Spotlight Sub-Category
Programs category
Added 10 steps to get you started category
Archive Category to move deprecated content for deletion (admin-only)

ā€“ Changed ā€“

Threatlabz category is now listed as a sub-category under Cloud First Architect
Welcome to Zscaler Community is listed under Get Started
Zenith Live and Events - Renamed to Events
ZIA Beta program information moved under Programs
Staff category moved under Internal Category (for Zscaler admins and employees only)
Member Spotlights moved to new Member Spotlight category

ā€“ Removed ā€“

Various unused and/or deprecated Beta categories and specialty forums are not being used

ā€“ Upcoming ā€“

Secure Internet Access (ZIA) Category and various Sub-Categories to help organize ZIA capabilities in a concise manner.

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Connectors parent category


Client Connector > Connectors
Cloud Connector > Connectors

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  • DLP Categories within ZIA/ZPA have been marked as read-only
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