Community Leadership Spotlight

Zenith Community - Zscaler Leader Spotlight - Prameet Chhabra

We got to sit down with Prameet Chhabra, and ask him a few questions about himself and his role here at Zscaler. Prameet is the Vice President of Platform Enablement and has been with us since February ‘23.

Prameet has always been passionate about training and enablement. This is evident by the fact he has spent well over a decade in the world of cybersecurity, specifically around partner and customer enablement and education.

He started with Cisco in software development, and being a CS major - he realized that coding was not for him. He went on to teach at universities, state colleges, and community colleges and engaged in his passion for education in life and career.

He is supported by his lovely wife of 23 years and two teenage daughters. They live in the silicon valley in California, and Prameet enjoys spending his weekends with his family and indulging in his movie passion. Prameet says his favorite movie is the first Matrix movie. Overall, he enjoys sci-fi thrillers and Marvel for the big screen.

Prameet, Being new to Zscaler and your role, what would you say is your top priority?

“We want to make sure that we train folks on our zero trust platform, we train partners, customers, our internals, and the world at large. One of the biggest goal is how do we get to a million learners, trained and certified on zscalers zero trust platform”

In your own words, why is it important for people to become Zscaler certified?

“Taking a step higher, it’s critical for folks to get certified in cybersecurity. There is always a high skill gap between where the industry is and how many qualified people we have to fill those highly skilled roles. That is the critical reason we need cybersecurity literate and trained professionals.

But why Zscaler? Well, If you want to get trained in cyber security, why not get trained on the world’s leading zero trust environment?

We are the pioneers in zero trust cloud security environment and I think it makes commercial, and economic sense for learners to be certified and trained in it. Overall, it will lift up all communities and students- “cybersecurity literacy is critical””.

On the topic of Zscaler certifications, what are some of the certifications learners can currently earn? What does the learning path look like?

“One of our primary goals is to align education with our existing products. With that, we have 10+ certifications with over 100 hours of digital content and courses.

Currently, we are focusing on our new “Zscaler for Users” training and certification. As a leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant for secure service edge (SSE), we will be expanding our Zscaler for Users in SSE for workloads, SSE for OT/IOT, and SSE for business customers.

Zscaler for Users, can you talk a little more about that certification?

“Zscaler for Users is a first-of-its-kind platform-level training and certification. We want to move from PowerPoint training to a whole end-to-end use case-level training. Zscaler for users is your training for securing your user on any device in any location across the entire platform.

Thanks Prameet, last question, I know you will be attending Zenith Live ‘23 for the first time this year. What are you hoping to gain from attending?

“I am excited to meet the learners at ZL 23, and meeting the customers, I want to hear from learners firsthand what has been working, and what is not working, it’s a fact-finding mission. We will have an education booth in the expo hall as well as a section on the Zenith Community wall in the main hallway.

For the first time ever, we have opened up our training portfolio at Zenith Live 23 at no additional cost to you. Register now and reap the benefits of this incredible event and training.

I look forward to meeting you all at Zenith Live in Vegas and Berlin this year.

So I understand Prameet, that you are going to be giving some free training vouchers to the first 100 members who give us valuable training feedback in the comments section below. Is that right?

“ Yes! That is correct! I am looking forward to reading what you have to say! Thank you!”