Community Reorganization

Hello all,

Just as Zscaler’s service offerings have grown and expanded over the years, the community needs to do the same.

Starting Friday afternoon, we’ll be doing some renaming and moving of categories, as well as adding some new ones. The products category will be replaced with a number of top-level categories built around our services and solutions. This will better align our community to how our internal teams are organized.

While we’ll try to make this as smooth as possible, there will be some bumps for users who’ve been around a while:

  • Email filters will break – Subject lines will change with the category name change.
  • Some categories won’t have a 1-1 mapping from the old to the new, so please read the descriptions next week. I’ll update this post with the final mappings.

We’re looking forward to making the community more robust and getting answers to your questions.


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