Community Tip #1 - Topic Solutions

tl;dr - Mark your topics as solved when they are solved :blush::joy:

What are Topic Solutions

Topic solutions are a helpful little feature that allows the original poster a way to indicate and give credit to answers that solve the original inquiry.

If you do not know how to mark a topic as solved go check out Vanitha’s Getting Started topic

Why should I mark topics as solved?

There are several reasons that benefit marked solutions on the community.

  1. It gives credit to the person that provided the best answer.
  2. It helps others find solutions to their problems much faster. Either through Google search, community search or soon-to-be-implemented Federated Search from our Support/Website assets.
  3. Future gamification will use marked solutions as a way to earn badges
  4. Topics will auto-close when topics are marked as solved and there are no responses after a period of time (7 days). This helps curate knowledge assets for community-driven KBs.
  5. It’s nice
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Improvement request:

Would be good if this tiny little mark on topics with a solution

would become more prominent (bigger and in green maybe)?
It is a bit hard to even notice it in its current form.

Also would be cool to have an option to search for topics with/without solution.
At times i’m searching for answers, other times i’m more in the mood to answer open questions.
Maybe have ‘mark as solution’ also add a ‘solved’ tag to the topic?

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Yeah, that is a small little icon on the topic list. I will see if there is a way to highlight that a bit more.

As for the search, if you use the filter option in the search field, you can use some additional filters to search out the different types of topics. Maybe that will be my next tip.

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I just enabled the topic sorting for “solved” and “unsolved”. This might help make things easier.