Compare ezAgent and ZCC - when to use which?

We are evaluating Zscaler and are thinking through our various use cases. Once area that is still fuzzy for me is when/where to use ezAgent for proxy management vs Zscaler Client Connector.

Is there a write-up somewhere that compares these two?

Hi Hugh,

The Zscaler Client Connector (ZCC) can do everything the eZ Agent can do, and more - eZ Agent availability is more a legacy option for current customers with it already deployed.

As an example of how ZCC is a complete replacement and more - if you need to just configure and enforce proxy settings, ZCC can operate in this mode, but it also can forward all Internet traffic (not just HTTP/HTTPS/FTP), it’s one agent for our entire platform (ZIA/ZPA/ZDX), and supports functionality like network detection, tamper resistance, etc.

Most customers, whether current or new, are deploying the Client Connector to their managed devices but we’ve other options, too, depending on the use-case. If you haven’t had a chance to review it yet, I highly recommend our Choosing Traffic Forwarding Methods guide!

Thank you… Where is the tamper resistance documented?