Config examples for Cisco or Juniper for >2 parallel VPN tunnels per ZEN


(Steffen Probst) #1

for one of my customer we will need 3-4 parallel Encrypted IPSEC tunnels per ZEN. Or documentation describes only one tunnel per ZEN. Has someone a tested config to 2 or more tunnels in parallel?
Are there any known issues in such a case?

(Ramesh M) #2

For your single public IP, there will be two tunnels towards ZEN1 and ZEN2.
If you have multiple public IPs on the same location, you can create multiple tunnels towards ZEN1 and ZEN2.

Example : If you have two ISP on your infra, then you can build 4 tunnels , 2 to ZEN1 and 2 to ZEN2.

I was tested this scenario and load balancing as well.

Regards / Ramesh M

(John Babio) #3

What if you don’t have multiple allocations of IP addresses (single subnet) and your internet bandwidth is a 1GB? Whats the solution? Asa’s only support isakmp identity using a single identity. I have not seen any documentation on asa config for multiple primary tunnels needed