Configuring email & notifications on the community

(Andy Logan) #1

One of the features we really like about using Discourse as our community platform is the ability to turn on mailing list mode to receive emails about topics and categories. This gives you the ability to interact with discourse threads via email when you are on the go or simply prefer to work from your email client for responses.

If however you simply want to be notified about particular categories when you log in that can also be configured. This will notify you at different levels depending on what you select over categories.

Email Signatures

If you use a signature block with graphics, your phone number, or email, you will want to strip that out so that it doesn’t appear on the community. To do this you will need to follow the Usenet RFC standard for email signature dividers.

You signature needs to start with a line that contains two dashes and a space, followed by a return, in plain text. This should be placed on it’s own line before your signature block, the rest of the signature can still be HTML or rich text.

Be sure this is in a font such as Courier or similar to prevent rich text formatting of the dashes.

– [new line]
Your Signature

Your current signature goes below the line, and will be stripped if you email into the system. For more info please see section 4.3 of the RFC at

Mailing List Mode

Please be aware that Mailing List Mode subscribes you to all posts. If that’s not what you want please scroll down to the notifications section.

To set up mailing list mode we first need to decide what volume of notification you want to receive. Start by clicking on your avatar in the upper right, and then on the gear below that.

Next, scroll about halfway down until you see mailing list mode. You’ll want to check that box then decide what level of interaction you want with the system.

Notifications on posts in certain topics or forums

If you want to be notified when on the site you will need to select to watch topics or forums, and tweak your email settings.

On each forum there is a pull down you can use to select the frequency of notifications. Select “Watching” from the drop down will enable you to receive emails for each post and is most likely what you want if you are covering a specific topic.

For instance, if you wanted to watch all of ZPA you would browse to that sub-forum under products. In the upper right below your avatar you’ll see a button with a circle in it. Click on this to select your drop down option for that thread or category.

Now you need to adjust your profile. The following settings will ensure you get every post as a mail even when you are on the site. The feel free to adjust the amount of quoting as you like: