Configuring ZPA with Avaya

Does anyone has implemented ZPA with Avaya Voip One-x. We have Avaya Voip One-x implemented in our environment and running into an issue when trying to integrate with ZPA

Hi Suresh, If you’re trying to get a One-X phone or softphone working over ZPA, you aren’t going to be able to. ZPA requires the traffic to be client-initiated. Your VoIP traffic will generate server-initiated traffic that will not work.

If it’s a management app you’re trying to use, access a server config page, etc. Those things generally work.

Thanks Mike. Able to get admins to connect to the management app. Since we have clients with VOIP softphone installed, trying to get that working

Yes, the softphones aren’t going to work over ZPA. Avaya will generally recommend using their SBC (Session Border Controllers) for this.