Connection Error when switching from Wireless to LAN

We have several users where whenever they switch from WIRELESS to LAN, i.e plug into their docking station, Zscaler comes up with “Connection Error”. Users cannot access any internet sites or any applications that we have put a BYPASS in place for.

Usually a restart will fix the issue, however, its gotten to the point where some users it takes 5-6 reboots to fix the issue.

Ive seen it happen on, & We’ve also tired turning Zscaler OFF on some of these machine whilst troubleshooting, but the issue still occurs.



Can you share more details regarding:

  1. Is wireless and LAN defined as ‘On-trusted’ ?
  2. Is your ‘Trusted Network’ defined using DNS or more ? (DNS same for LAN and wireless?)
  3. Any PAC file being used by ZCC?
  4. Are you only using ZIA ?

Thank you