Connection Error(ZIA)

What is the resolution for Error- ‘Connection Error’?
Zscaler help site has not given solution to this error.
One of my users is having this issue with Ethernet/Wifi(his speed looks good).
Please help!

Hi Shreya, please open a support case. Our engineering team will be able to diagnose and help resolve the issue.

@manuel – Are you aware of this? I get that the error occurs due to network interfaces issue. but do we have any resolution for this?

You need to work with support privately.

They’ll definitely need more info like logs – details you wouldn’t want to provide to the public.

Yes, I agree with Keith and jduan. Just raise a ticket. In the meantime you could check logs of ZCC (see e.g. C:\ProgramData\Zscaler) and see if you find any hints whats going on (enable debug logging).