Connection IP address from DC to Intenet

I am afraid if this is basic query…After establishing IPSec connection to DC (, Which IP address are used to connect to ‘Internet’ from the ‘DC’? Can I use fixed IP address? (this means, does not use range IP address)

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Traffic coming through the Zscaler service will connect to the Internet from Zscaler IP address ranges. If you have need for IP whitelisting, we have methods by which that can be done. If you don’t need to scan this traffic, then you can also bypass via PAC. Otherwise the easiest is to provide the 3rd party on the other side the Zscaler range & enable MFA. If they don’t want to use the range from us, we can also use a VZEN (onsite VM) through which to pass traffic to ensure business policy enforcement & security protection, which as it sits on your network has your IP address.



Thank you very much for responding and advising. Especially, VZEN is good suggestion for us. My concern was exactly next part in URL. It would have been nice if installing VZEN would solve it.

Applications that require an organization’s IP address as the source IP address

[URL]About Virtual ZENs

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