Control ZPA API with 3rd Party API tools


I looking to utilize ZPA API to create bulk application segments, segment groups and access policies though 3rd party tools such as Postman.

Please let me know how, if anyone has succeeded.


I am also currently looking for this. Did you get any success.

Yes, I got it to working with POSTMAN application.

Initial login URL for auth token : or

API call information for respective task as available in Swagger Portal.

POST Header with Auth Token:

POST body :

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Do we have to fill the body of the POST method one by one for each app segment? Did you try to use a CSV file with python script and config all the app segments on a single shot?

We have to add one by one. I have not prepared any script yet.

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@Ajay_kumar1 @Kasun you may want to take a look at this article I wrote a few weeks ago.

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