Creating packet capture with client connector for Apple iOS

Packet capture for the Zscaler Client Connector on iOS has been an option since version 1.8.7 released in January 6, 2022. The one aspect that isn’t spelled out in detail is how to export the packet capture from the iPhone to a computer to view the capture. This post provides the steps to export and view the capture as well as the log files.

  1. Open the Zscaler app on the iPhone. If the Zscaler app is not seen, search for it by swiping all the way to the left.

  2. Click on More… in the bottom right corner

  3. Click on Start Packet Capture

  4. Once the required data is captured click Stop Packet Capture

  5. Click on Export Logs.

  6. Choose Mail and email the logs and capture to an email address

  7. Download the zip file from the email and expand. The following files should be seen

With this you should be able use the log files and captures to continue your troubleshooting

@Rob_Chee , great explanation :+1: