Customize SAML authentication redirect page

(Alex) #1

Is there a way to customize SAML authentication redirect page with own company logo? It shows ZScaler logo.

(Scott Bullock) #2

Hi Alex,
We will show the Company Logo on the redirect screen when using LDAP or Local auth and you are coming from an IP address or Dedicated Proxy Port registered to your Tenant. For SAML, we will automatically redirect to your IDP based on the same criteria listed above.

Hope that clears up what we need server-side in order to display custom logos on the login pages.



(Alex) #3

The redirect page shows ZScaler logo above iDP prompt.

(Scott Bullock) #4

Can you please send a screenshot if what you’re seeing? Right now I’m not sure of this is your IDP showing this, or a Zscaler hosted page. A Screenshot will help.

(Alex) #5

Please see the redirect page attached.

(Scott Bullock) #6

Hi Alex,
That looks like Okta’s login and it’s using the default logo for their Zscaler Application. You can update this in Okta admin by editing the application.



(Alex) #7

Is “Connecting to ZScaler” coming from ZScaler application?

(Scott Bullock) #8

That whole page is the IDP, in this case it’s Okta. I believe you can customise this further in the Application settings. Getting beyond my Okta know-how here, if this needs further dialogue best reach out to Okta (or another community member may chime in:)