Data Protection on Microsoft Teams

Hello Team,

Is it Possible to Prevent/Control File transfer over Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom.

as i understand the chat window and File transfers on this application uses UDP Ports, can Zscaler Help here to control those transfers. also we need the attached data on the DLP notifications.

Its one of the Major Use case for our client and this will help in Proceeding on this case.

any help/suggestion on this.

Hello Manoj,

I would say that this would not be possible in general using DLP/Cloud App Controls. Cloud App Control only applies to HTTP(S) based traffic, not on UDP.

UDP protocol is mainly used for Video, screen share and Voice, but even when chat or file transfers are done over HTTP(S) you probably will not be able to control this inline.

File transfers and chat is normally controlled by administrators within Teams, WebEx and Zoom SaaS platform itself. So if the enduser wants to prevent file transfers, they need to restrict the use of collaboration tools to only their own tenants, so they can control and block file transfers.

However, this means you need to block users from joining Teams, WebEx and Zoom sessions from outside their own tenants.

Hope this make sense.

Thanks Marco_Put-Carstens for the Reply.

it helps. Eventually restricting People to connect only to their tenants on Teams is not going to help.