Deep Dive - Zscaler Cloud Firewall part 1

When you begin your move to local breakouts, one of the first challenges that comes up is how to protect those branch offices? In the old model your stacks of appliances, including firewalls, took on that load in a few centralized locations. If you’re letting users out on the internet directly, how do you protect them from things you would have used a firewall for in the past?

That’s where Zscaler Cloud Firewall and Advanced Cloud Firewall enter the picture. Sitting in the cloud allows you to provide protection to those users without firewall appliances to deploy and maintain. You can centralize your policy and functions to protect users, while keeping the technology stack at your branch as thin as possible.

In this two-part talk I’ll guide you through what a cloud firewall is all about. This week we will cover what the cloud firewall provides and view the packets progress through the firewall block diagram. We’ll also talk about how we leverage our Cloud Sandbox and our DLP stacks.

Come back next week to learn about how we leverage other parts of our Cloud Firewall including Cloud IPS, DNS Security, and Global Visibility.

You can find the second part of this series at Deep Dive - Zscaler Cloud Firewall part 2

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