Deep Dive - Zscaler Cloud Firewall part 2

Welcome back to our discussion of the Zscaler Cloud Firewall. This two-part series goes over Cloud Firewall, what it is, and the various services it provides.

In part 1 we covered:

  • What the Zscaler Cloud Firewall is and how it differs from a NGFW.
  • The Advanced Deep Packet Inspection Engine capabilities.
  • How the firewall built into a proxy gives you more visibility into your apps and traffic.

If you missed the first session you can find that here – Deep Dive - Zscaler Cloud Firewall part 1

In this episode we’ll pick up with our discussion of additional features. You will learn:

  • How Zscaler handles DNS security and access control to deliver a better user experience and cloud app performance
  • The Zscaler Cloud IPS functionality and monitoring of web and non-web traffic.
  • Global visibility and logging for granular visibility and reporting.

To learn more about the Zscaler Cloud Firewall at