Defense In Depth By Design - The ZIA Security Layers

If you’ve worked around security you’ve likely heard the phrase “defense in depth.” The idea is that we can use multiple tools types of security controls, including firewalls, SSL/TLS Inspection, IPS, etc. working together, to stop or detect attacks. This solution understands that all tools provide pieces of the solution that can work together to be stronger as a whole.

Zscaler takes this same approach with our products. Our tools work together, utilizing machine learning and our cloud-effect to protect you across the globe. In this session originally presented at Zenith Live, we’ll cover the following types of controls and how Zscaler uses them to provide defense in depth:

  • Control by Policy Content Type (URL Category & File Type)
  • Block Access by Reputation (IP, Domain, URL, or file hash)
  • Protection via Content Scanning (AV, Yara, and Cloud IPS)
  • Advanced / Multi-Feature tools (PageRisk and Machine Learning)
  • Behavioral Analysis (Sandbox execution & Dynamic Analysis)