Defining Applications


I have a requirement to map specific location based apps to specific server groups (and in turn, specific app connectors).

For e.g. if all my application servers in location abc start with a name as abcxxxx.domain.local, then can i define a wild card in this way (abc*.domain.local) ?

When i try to create this, it says Domainname incorrect.

Do you know if this is a current limitation in terms of how the wild cards can be put in the application definition ?


As far as i know the only ‘regex’ ZPA supports today in that context is * as the very first character; so abc* is simply not possible.
Have the same problem, our servers are named like countrytld+ostype+number and the lack of sane regex support is breaking my nerves as well since quite a while.

There is at min one open ER for this (don’t have the number) - ask your TAM to have you added on that ER.