Deploying and Securing SD-WAN


(Jim French) #1

Direct internet access for branches and small sites is fast becoming the connection of choice for large and small enterprises alike. Where we might have backhauled to a data center or HQ in the past, it makes less sense when that’s not where our apps live. This is the promise of SD-WAN, letting us break out that traffic that is better served going direct to the internet.

Why then would anyone continue to centralize traffic flows when the connections are expensive and the apps aren’t there any longer? Because that’s where our security appliances live.

Over the years we’ve put a huge investment in various boxes to make sure our users are safe. Replicating that at remote sites is expensive and difficult to manage. Zscaler provides a better option. By securing the traffic from our SD-WAN partners you can safely and securely route traffic to your cloud applications, saving money and keeping your users secure.

In this video I’ll show you how SD-WAN is deployed, and how you can secure your users without replicating your internet gateways at every site.