Deploying ZPA for Branch Office

I’m currently planning the deploying Zscaler ZPA for our branch office. But there is a challenge for network devices on which we can’t install ZPA client connectors (Printers, Wireless Access Point, facilities equipment…). How do we segment, classify or continue to grant proper network access to these types of devices after ZPA is fully deployed?

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You can leverage Zscaler cloud connectors, check with zscaler account team.

That’s where the whole issue is. Those endpoint devices (Printers, Wireless Access point …) don’t have Zscaler client connector install. How is their traffic going to be forwarded to the Zscaler service edge (ZEN) for authentication?

Cloud connector is not installed on printers nor wireless access point directly (it is not Client connector), Cloud connector is a virtual machine acting like a proxy server, able to forward to Zscaler the traffic received from local endpoints (in your case your printers, wireless access point…)

Steve check this out.

Also please watch this video talks about securing ot/iot.

Branch connector will also be a solid option

Please leverage your Zscaler resources for a deep dive convo.

Thank you. This is very helpful