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I am deploying ZScaler for the first time to a mixed windows environment. Some users are using intune and AzureAD, others are using on premise AD to authenticate their laptops but use AzureAD credentials for O365.

I can deploy to both which is great, both can use their AzureAD credentials too to sign in, which is great.

My issue is - My users can still use the internet without bothering to sign in to zScaler.

Can I block internet until the user has signed in? If not, im guessing the rollout to 1000 users would take a considerable time with lots of manual intervention. Why would end users bother to sign in without being pushed to?



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See here for stopping internet access if not authenticated.

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Thank you Ramesh! That works great. Is there a similar function available for Android deployment? I have the zScaler app downloaded and configured, but it does not start service until the user clicks the app.

Please check if any MDM solutions can use.