Device Pending Removal

(Ilya) #1

I have a number of devices Pending Removal that are not getting deleted. Is there a way to force them to delete? When I try to select the device I get an error:

ERROR! Delete Option is disabled for this Device State

(David Creedy) #2


If you open the device details for each device, you should be able to select and Force Remove. This should delete the entry immediately, rather than waiting for the device to come in gracefully and be logged out.



(Ilya) #3

Thanks David. This worked well for most of the devices. I still have a few left over. When I try to Force Delete, I get the following:

ERROR! Device is already removed.

(David Creedy) #4

Hi Ilya,

You probably need to raise a ticket. It sounds like the system is having trouble removing the device from the back end. If you raise a ticket, feel free to send me the ticket # and I can follow up on the back end.