Device Posture Check macOS Options

I have a mix of Windows and macOS computers and using device posture to check for domain join is easy enough. However, none of the options for device posture appear to be working for my macOS clients. They all have the 2.2.4 ZCC at a minimum. They all have the latest version of CrowdStrike and I have tried file path and disk encryption. The oldest client is High Sierra. I have tried:
As I am not yet at the point where I can create my own unique file path.
In my access policy I have the macOS device posture in a stack of OR conditions along with all of my Windows domain join checks. The Windows ones all work great but the macs continually fail. I cannot find any more robust logging other than failed policy check. I even tried file path with NOT VERIFIED think that meant if it did not find it the macs would pass through.
Do I need to add then to a separate access policy?
Any help is appreciated as I have to hold on the policy for everyone until I can get the macs sorted.