Disable Zscaler ZIA for only one Website


We have a distant server that we need to have access to from our on-premise network. To do that we have allowed access from our On-premise public IP to this server in server’s Firewall. When using Zscaler, the proxy IP is in the top of header so we cannot have access anymore to this server. As the proxy’s IP are Dynamic, we cannot allow a specific IP in the Firewall.

I wanted to know if we can “disable Zscaler only for specific destination”, so our public IP can still be used to access the server and how to do that. Or, maybe, could you have a “more secure” solution to resolve this problem by keeping Zscaler for all destinations.

Thank you in advance.



Did you have a look to the following whitepaper: https://www.zscaler.com/resources/white-papers/transform-source-ip-address-based-application-access.pdf ?
It describes how to answer to the IP source filtering challenge with Zscaler.

Regards, Charles

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Thank you for this document.