Distinct ZIA policy by platform

Hi, is possible to have a distinct ZIA policy by device and platform, for axample a user connected in his laptop laptop apply one ZIA policy, but the same user connected in his cell phone apply a distinct ZIA policy?

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Yeap, there was a same kind of requirement for ZPA. Certain applications should be accessible only if he connected from office laptop. Few other apps can connect from any device with same user.

I don’t think this kind segregation is needed for ZIA as this is only internet access and such feature not there as of now.

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Thanks Ramesh, let me explain our case.

We are using ZIA to control internet access for some sites from our office laptops, example WhatsApp web is not allowed, and also we are using ZPA to access some resources in our site from external network.

We want to implement some functionality to be accessed from cell phones, it will implement with ZAPP and ZPA, but also want to control internet access with ZIA and allow the use of whatsapp. Is it possible?

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I don’t see any options to achieve this as there is no policy control based on user device.

We do have some granular policy controls planned, I can’t give an ETA but this sounds like what you are after (policy based on device type).

We are also exploring options to have a different Z App profiles for Corporate vs. BYOD devices which might also help.

Do either of these sound like a fit?


Thanks David!
Craig Rose from ZScaler gave us ETA by end this year to add feature for device type control.

Regarding the different profiles for Corporate and BYOD, it could help, but please could you explain me how Z App will differentiate from Corporate and BYOD devices, it’s another account?

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I think what ZScaler needs to do, is to add device posture check function of ZPA for ZIA, so that ZIA can make policy decision based on device type and device status- such as whether it has certain company cert installed.