Distribution Issue of client connector

Hi, community

My organization has long been using same client connector version.
Recently we decided to start to deploy newer version.

Added admin group first to automated rollouting feature.
One day, two days, three days passed…however target group does not have new version.

Antivirus and Firewall were checked without fruit.

Someone has same problem?

Kind Regard,

I’d recommend checking the client, I believe, service logs and reviewing if the update is happening and if it notes a failure.

Can you manually update a client?

Hi Garrett

Of course, I looked into log. However it could not write down any related error. It only shows that somehow update did not happen even though it detects target version.

Manually, do you mean clicking update App? It does not work as well.

Can you share the snippet of the log where it fails?

I know there’s an http fragmentation error in, although I haven’t seen it impact our upgrades just yet.

Are you clients able to connect to the download site d32a6ru7mhaq0c.cloudfront.net ?