DLP Encrypted File and Source Code


I am testing 2 features of DLP:

  1. I want to block Password Protected / Encrypted file types within rule without content inspection. But altough i have a rule i can upload encrypted and password protected files. Where am i doing wrong?

  2. I want to block source code upload. I create a rule that include Source Code dictionary and engine. But i can upload some of source codes while i can not upload some of them. I know it should be over 1 KB, they are. The codes are python. What is wrong with it?

Thank you.

Hi Mustafa,

Under Policy - Malware - Security Exceptions you can choose whether to allow or block users from uploading or downloading password protected files and also files we can’t decrypt. That may help you out there.

Also under File Type Controls you can block python files.

Be sure that you are SSL decrypting everything.


Hi Jamie,

The malware section is block now. I know this feature but in dlp part we can choose file type. Altough i choose dlp and the malware part i can upload encrypted files.

Yes i can know that i can block python files in file type control, but i should test source code leakage in DLP, not only for python files. It can be source code in a text file.

Best regards.

Hi Mustafa,

Can you check whether the website/URL/domain where you are uploading files is added in SSL bypass section?


follow this: