DLP VS OCR feature


Hi everyone!
We’re working with DLP + OCR in our environment but we’re thinking of disabling DLP because it is not working as expected (too many false positives because dictionaries seem extremely sensitive).
The question is, if we disable DLP will be lose OCR or it is an ‘individual’ feature that could live without DLP configurations?

Thank you!!

you will lose dlp poliy then also ocr will be lost. no individual feature for now

Ok, that’s what we thought…
Thank you so much!

OCR takes data from images and does DLP on that data. So it doesn’t make sense to disable DLP. (You’ll lose it as posted above).

However, it certainly does make sense to tune the policies to reduce false positives. By looking at both the Dictionary Configuration (confidence), Engine configuration, and where it’s applied (to what destinations or categories).