DNS Requests of Zscaler by-pass list


I would like to ask a query.

Will the Zscaler Client connector will continuously send DNS queries to the list of VPN gateways which are by-passed in the App Profile ??


Hello Rahul,
No, it won’t be continuously. It is on every network change.

Hello Jamil,

Thank you for your response.

We are seeing a weird situation in our environment.

When ever a the user is connecting to FortiClient VPN (this is managed by other customer) they are seeing DNS hits on their firewall to a particular domain.

When we take a PCAP once the user is connected to VPN, we are seeing DNS queries to the list of VPN gateways which are added in by-pass list in the App Profiles.

Any thoughts on this ?

Rahul V

Connecting to a VPN is a network change so that would trigger it. I assume it happens only one times when they connect to the VPN and not continuously? If it happens continuously, that would affect the network performance. I would recommend to raise a support case for further investigation.