DNS Resolve for URL hosted in Internet and Intranet

I have an URL which is available both in Internet and Intranet. With ZPA enabled, normally it used to resolve to intranet ip . The URL resolves to 100.64.x.x.

But off late, URL resolves to Internet IP. How I can get the URL resolves to Intranet IP.


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When you create application and access policies with the fqdn, the user traffic will redirect to zpa if the zpa service enable on the ZCC.

Recommended to use different internal and external fqdns if the application allowed for browser access.

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Enable “Domain validation in client connector” for that domain in “DNS search”

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@Thambidurai I also have same problem with my URL. Thanks for mentioning this in your post. Someone definitely helps us to solve this issue. :slightly_smiling_face: