Do we have reporting capability in ZPA?

Do we have reporting feature in ZPA planned in near future? As of now, we cannot run any report in order to get data exported from ZPA?

Anyone has any idea on it?


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Totally agree. Very limited/no ZPA reporting capability. According to ZPA product management, they are aware of the limitations and have added to enhancement list, but no idea what reporting enhancements are in scope and timeframe to deliver…

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There is an enhancement underway to display a report in the Admin UI around Connector utilization. This report will provide several stats around the connector such as mem, utilization, restarts etc. This enhancement is in active development and is targeted for this CY quarter.

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Other MUST haves include:

  • Ability to download into a spreadsheet the details from the Diagnostics page.
  • Report of active users by OU or Department
  • Report: List of users that access a specific application
  • Report: List of applications accessed by a specific user

Any ETA for the above or any other reports?



Greg, thanks for the feedback. We are still evaluating the reporting roadmap and do not have an ETA at the moment. Several customers are able to view this information, by sending logs to a syslog server/SIEM. So in the interim, this could be a possible workaround.