Domain Check - Posture

When does the Z-App check the device posture? We deployed ZPA but now I’d like to enable posturing. When I do so things blow up because it seems not every device has past the posture check.

Z-app checks device posture only when a user tries to access some application via ZPA. thats when we get posture compliance in ZPA logs for each access request.

There are lot of posture profile types you can pick, please choose the relevant one accordingly. In case if you want to check if laptop is domain joined or not, use type “Domain Joined” and give domain name respectively.

More details found here…

Look into it and post any questions here… will be happy to answer if i can :slight_smile:

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What do you use in terms of domain? the Netbios or FQDN?

FQDN – something like “

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