Downloads blocked

Our local government agency is using an Internet Security application from zScaler.

Whenever I try to download a ZIP file from a cloud service we use for Forms/ Workflow applications, my ZIP file gets hung up in the “We’re checking this file for a potential security risk” purgatory. These ZIP files normally contain 2-6 files often PDF or Word Docs.

The message says displays that the process should take no longer than 10 minutes. But I routinely wait several hours after which some files can be downloaded and others are never downloadable.

Is this normal? Why would it take HOURS instead of seconds or minutes to scan?

What happens to the files that are never downloaded? Do they have problems?
(We’re developing a new application right now and the files we’re working with are “known” ZIPs containing 4 PDF files).

Is there anything that can be done to make the process succeed more often?

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Hi @dadkind,

Welcome to Communities. This sounds like an abnormal behavior. Has your organization filed a ticket with Zscaler Support to have these issues investigated? In addition, if possible, I would recommend reaching out to your internal IT team/Zscaler Service Owner to investigate the logs.

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I will reach out to them again.

This has been a problem for our enterprise since we implemented your service. We have actually developed a corporate work-around for some sites where we routinely download ZIP files that have shown to be generally safe (quarantine in-house, scan, then release).

Where can I get more information on how your scanning service works, why it would take so long to scan, and what we can do to (upstream) to ensure that ZIPs are more readily scannable by your service (if anything)?

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You could always create a bypass category and rule to allow the files and scan in the background.

We do the same thing for some our our document management applications as quarantining them is too disruptive to the business.

We allow and scan and them make sure our SOC prioritize the Patient-0 emails.