Enabling a secure and productive work-from-home experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of enterprise security over the last few weeks. Keeping everyone safe is now our number one priority, and to that end, we’ve seen a massive shift from working in the office to working from our homes. Unfortunately, we’re also seeing the effect on organizations where work-from-home was not the norm…

The legacy model - stacks of equipment chained together to protect and enable road warriors - cannot scale to the entire organization working from home full time. High capital expense, long lead equipment lead times, and poor throughput make scaling this solution unworkable.

Cloud-enabled access is the obvious answer, but not all cloud vendors are creating true cloud-native solutions. Simply spinning up VMs of traditional hardware appliances in the cloud causes even more complexity.

By contrast, Zscaler was born in the cloud - every feature and tool was built at cloud scale. In this talk, we’ll explore how Zscaler can replace your inbound & outbound enterprise security stacks to support work-from-home initiatives seamlessly. I will also cover some real-world examples where organizations have been able to enroll hundreds of thousands of end users in a matter of weeks.

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