Enabling third-party Cookies

Hi All,

In ZIA, we are facing one issue where user is having trouble while accessing one url which asks for enabling 3rd party cookies to work correctly.
We checked cookie settings in browser and also checked if it is going for browser isolation but with no luck.
When checked found that logs are allowed from Z.
Can anyone suggest, what could be the possible solution.

Enabling third-party cookies in the browser
Zscaler has the ability to limit certiciate use, browser version, and invalid certs, but not to control cookies AFAIK. You also dont have any evidence of Zscaler blocking the connection. So allowing 3rd-party cookies is something that is done at the browser level, but nowadays is not allowed by default for security reasons. Why not just enable them if youbwant to allow access to this site?

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Hi Mark,
I was wondering if Zscaler has to do with this or not but now thanks for the clarification.
Thanks again.