Endpoint Error- FW/AV

Hello ,
My users are getting Endpoint Error- FW/AV
What could be the issue?

Root cause could be your local firewall or antivirus not allowing proper communication.

Refer to those articles:

and ensure needed destination IP ranges are granted on your local firewall.

You can also refer to this previous post:
Zapp ends in Endpoint FW/AV error - Client Connector - Zenith (zscaler.com)

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Thanks!!whitelisting all the processes for Windows in our endpoint device resolved the issue.

How to find the destination IP ranges

Hi Kasun,

If you granted the listed processes to communicate and also ensure your whitelisted IP range then you can refer to additional docmentation available here:
Zscaler Config
Zscaler Config

Hi I am also getting this and I have added the Firewall rules as stated in the article still I get the error? How can I tell if Anti-Virus is blocking this verses Firewall?

Also, for the whitelist, where is this done on the client somewhere or are you referring to the host side of things?

I did whitelist these processes on AV end and issue did not come up later