Endpoint FW/AV error

user is facing FW/AV error after authenticating to ZCC we tried uninstalling endpoint firewall also disabled windows firewall but no use.could anyone help on this to resolve the issue ?


as there are several possible reasons for that issue I would recommend to first check other related post: Search results for 'Endpoint FW/AV' - Zenith

We ran into that issue long time ago in the context of Checkpoint Secure Client. Please also doublecheck there is no interfering GPO which enables/forces firewall policies.


Hi manuel,

Thanks for your response, we tried all the possible ways even there is no GPO interfering in this also disabled end-point antivirus still the error persists.


Antivirus Engine could also be an issue.

What connections do you see in the Windows firewall?
No connections then something else is blocking it.