Endpoint Notifications

hi, we are configuing file type polices, and some i have as caution,

but i have no pop up to click to continue, it just downloads the files.

currently it works as below

Allow… It just downloads the files
caution… as above
block… it block the file.

we have the caution end user notifiation configured, is there anything else i need to do?


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Hi Steve,

Sounds about right and you should see the ‘caution message’ within the browser I believe. What’s your standard browser type ?


Steve - I would first check the rule order and make sure something else isn’t catching that rule before your caution rule. Then I would make sure you’re doing SSL Inspection on the destination. I’ve noticed there are some requirements for EUN based on header info and if not doing SSL Inspection, the user doesn’t get the notification. The file type is not based on file extension, it’s on the binary data structure of the file itself so not doing SSL would explain not identifying the file as a certain type.

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normally use chrome, but tested with edge too,

we only have allow and my block, it seems it’s being intelligent with the URL’s and just blocking them