Enhancement Request: Import Application definitions

(dgr) #1


As a large organization, we find creating applications and maintaining applications in ZPA difficult. As an example, we have a “FIle Servers” application. We have 130 file servers globally.

Today it is totally impractical to type in 130 names and then be expected to also maintain this.

I see two options:

  1. Make the IP address/domain in an application a free text box so you can copy/paste (one entry per line).
  2. Add some kind of import function to create applications, based on CSV.

Both of these options would not only aid creating applications but also the maintenance of them. Another example specific to us is that servers have a naming standard. If either suggestion 1 and/or 2 above were implemented it now means we can have a script to generate a list of servers that make up an application and easily get that in to ZPA.

Please consider this for a future release.

(Lisa Lorenzin) #2

Thanks very much for your suggestion! I’d love to discuss this with you in a little more detail so we can make sure our ER fully captures your use case. I’ve PMed you my contact info - would love to chat by email or phone if you’re open to a conversation!