ERROR: zpa-connector.service: entered a failed state after updates


It seems every so often I do updates to my app connectors, and one fails to start. I try deleting and adding back the provision key with no luck. My only solution is to rebuild. I have had to do this 5-6 times now, so I am wondering is there something that i am missing to get it back online? Its a hyper-v app connector.


I also get this in the logs.

Hi Cole,

Have you checked diskspace ? sudo df -h
Cleanup old updates ?

or Process using most space
sudo du -a /| sort -n -r | head -n 20

We are slowly moving away from CentOS to RHEL 8.6.


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thanks for the info. Linux is where I throw down my “I am a network engineer and not a sys admin” card and google my way thru the commands. I will check it out.

On another note, where can i find the latest hyper-v image? I don’t see it in the deployment guide. I want redownload to make sure i got the latest and that there is no problems with the vhd i am using.

if i’m not totally wrong ZS no longer provides this premade images
instead now when you want to setup a connector you need to start with a virgin RHEL/CentOS or alike

thanks. Next time i will try that and see if we have any issues.

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