Evidence of Backups & Recovery

We are looking to provide auditors that our Zscaler (ZPA/ZIA) Services are regularly backedup and need to show evidence that configuration data is backed up and backup and restoral strategy matches the standard.
Can Zscaler team advise how to provide evidence of these backup?

Hi @mahmad76, welcome to the Zscaler community.

Today we reference our ISO27001 and SOC-II accreditation when receiving and responding to questions of this nature. As we’re 100% SaaS delivered, all facets of our operations are subject to these standards, and these standard require we produce evidence of things like backup, recover, and a plethora of other controls, tools and assets.

Evidence of these and other compliance certifications can be found here --> https://www.zscaler.com/company/compliance


Thank you for providing the Certification URL.

Always happy to help!