Export user-defined URL categories

Is there any option to export the contents of a user-defined URL category (custom urls, retaining parent category, keywords) into a plaintext file or a .csv or alike?

Would very much help to easily see what changed etc.; esp. for admin roles which do not have access to audit logs.

You can do it with the API.

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Thanks Gordon!

Any chance to get this in GUI as well somewhen?
Not everyone feels comfy enough to play around with API or does not have/shall not get API access.

Or more generally something like ‘print all policies’ functionality extended to include all user-defined categories, all (non-default) network services, all ip&fqdn groups, etc.

Good ask but option in GUI as of now. Please create a UI ER for this ask.
Just FYI, this Java tool is helpful in custom URL create, update and delete operations -