Express VPN + Zscaler Client


When we are trying to run Express VPN along side Zscaler Client connector, we’ve noticed that there is an error in ZCC as Endpoint FW/AV Error.

When we disconnect the Express VPN, Its working fine with out any issues.

Upon checking we’ve noticed that Express VPN is assigning IP Address in 100.64.X.X series.

Is this the same IP Range used by Zscaler also which is causing this issue ?

Rahul Vennu

Yeah Rahul, you are right

Hello Ramesh,

Can we know on which purpose ZCC uses that range?

Also, what can be done if we want use Express VPN along side ZCC ?

Rahul Vennu

Hi Rahul,
ZPA uses these ranges for applications.
ZCC uses these ranges for its virtual adapter, DNS servers etc.

Hello Ramesh,

So are you suggesting that we cannot run Express VPN and ZCC at the same time ?

Rahul V

I never did this , you may try various traffic forwarding options with packet filter mode.

Have you had a chance to reach out to support yet? This is an interesting topic that we would love the answer to. I’ll also plug around the virtual halls for someone to take a look.

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Are you using ZIA, ZPA, or both?

Warm Regards,

No, We are using ZIA only.