Extract firewall rules to text file

(Alex) #1

Is there an option to export firewall rules to a text file? This would be beneficial to have firewall rules audits by tools like Algosec or Titanium Studio. The requirement is to perform periodic firewall rules audits.

(Naresh Kumar ) #2

We do not have this option today.

(Alex) #3

Ok. Could you submit this as an FRE?

(Naresh Kumar ) #4

Sure. I will work with your account team and create an ER.

(Priyanka Pani) #5

For the time being, you could use the “Print All Policies” feature (https://help.zscaler.com/zia/how-do-i-print-policies) and use print to PDF feature of your OS to export all your policies, firewall included.

(Sri Subramanian) #6

Also, in our dashboard, we have a widget that shows the top used rules and many customers use it for audit. FYI.