Facing SSL issues in Visual Studio/Gitbash/Eclipse


Our end-users are facing SSL Certificate issues while running commands in VS Code/Gitbash/Eclipse.

Our Internet traffic is passing through VZENs and we have already by-passed SSL inspection for the domains which are identified in the logs.

But we do the issue is still present.

Any views/solution on this?


Hi Rahul, one option is to set the SSL decrypt policy to only affect specific browser types (IE, etc.) anything that does not qualify, and is likely not the most friendly to SSL decryption, would be bypassed. See the image below:

Just to be clear, are you accessing various development locations with those tools and do not wish to identify any/all of the sites that may be accessed and need bypassing? An additional option is to import the cert into those tools to allow for SSL inspection.

Hi Rahul,

Likely these tools are using their own Certificate stores instead of the Windows (assuming it’s windows) Certificate store. Easiest solution is to add the SSL inspection Cert to the certificate store for these tools or point these tools to use the Windows cert store.